Monday, February 28, 2011

Christchurch Quake

People from the Art Community that have been sighted and are ok, in so far as you can be in Christchurch at the moment.

If you have additions to this list you can email us at: or

Matt Akehurst
Glen Busch
Roger Boyce
Helen Calder
Tyler Cann
Stephen Cleland
Vanessa Coxhead
Bing Dawe
Margaret Dawson
Neil Dawson
Andrew Drummond
Warren Feeney
Judith Gifford
Jason Greig
Jessica Halliday
Bill Hammond
Georgigie Hill
Paul Johns
Joanna Langford (in ChCh day of quake, but ok)
Tony de Lautour
Kim Lowe
Marie le Lievre
Quentin Macfarlane
Marian Maguire
Ross Marwick
Felicity Milburn
Christopher Moore
Julia Morison
Robin Neate
Miranda Parkes
Justin Paton
Pauline Rhodes
Jonathan Smart
Heather Straka
Lara Strongman
Grant Takle
Martin Trusttum
Philip Trusttum
Lee Trusttum
Kate Ungar
Creon Upton
Evan Webb
Andrew Wood
David Woodings
Wayne Youle
Jane Zusters

The staff of the Christchurch Art Gallery
The team working on SCAPE

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Te Papa Vision

Te Papa’s vision is to be:

■ relevant to all New Zealanders through stories of our collections and scholarship, and through these engage with communities throughout New Zealand

■ a source of experiences for audiences to grow their understanding and respect for mātauranga Māori, and the different cultures of New Zealand

■ a means of access to the best collections from around the world

■ creative, collaborative, and outward looking

■ fun, challenging, and always enriching.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Give me your tired, your poor...

From: "Kim Knight (SUN)"
Date: 4 February 2011 3:09:37 PM NZDT
To: "Kim Knight (SUN)"
Subject: sunday star-times arts coverage

Dear All,

An email flung far and wide to those who work in, or support, the arts in NZ, and who want to see more column centimetres devoted to the cause.
We're proposing a new piece of arts "furniture" in the Sunday Star-Times - basically an occasional column of bite size, quirky, newsy pieces from the worlds of visual and performing arts.
Finally, a place to put 100 words about something that doesn't quite make it across the line as a stand alone news story.
The emphasis would be on the odd (and the funny and the gossipy and the behind the scenes), but it could also be a place to feature a really great quote from an online review (attributed of course!), to alert people to a new project, maybe to list dates for funding applications, to feature new appointments in the sector, etc.
It will not be a place to repeat press releases or run general listings, although I always welcome knowing what's going on out there.
I'm after some ideas, and some support - it will only work if people from around the country send me material.
Ideas? Thoughts? Idle arts goss?
I'm on leave for a week but look forward to a full in-box on my return.

Kind regards,

Kim Knight