Thursday, March 12, 2015


Judy Millar
“a rainbowlike hippie sweetness”

Andrew Drummond
“serious and urgent themes”

John Nixon
“muscularly textured but nuanced sheen”

Richard Killeen
“pleasurable little columns”

Daniel Malone
“a tortured ambivalence”

Joyce Campbell
“ubiquitous rawness“

Seung Yul Oh
“an airy celebration of natural light”

Jeena Shin
“cavernous space and descending fluttering leaves or birds”

James Cousins
“an unnerving quality about their more optically ‘stable’ peek-a-boo laminations”

Patrick Lundberg
“repeated configurations, total gestalt, contrasting alignments, and patterns in linear or spatial configurations”

Selina Foote
“unpredictable topographical clusters of linked up lines”

Jim Allen
“barely restrained anger and vibrant immediacy”

Stephen Bambury
“sumptuous richness” and “velvety colour”