Sunday, September 14, 2014

Responses on Hotere damage

Questions & Answers

Q: is this the actual Hotere or a print/copy?
A: Its the real thing. Its not a print or copy
Q: Is this piece damaged, or is it just the frame?
A: Hi, the work itself is damaged unfortunately, the glass pane is an integral part of the work. Thanks
Q: Live out of town so unable to view. Can you please advise is the gold leaf and dust actually ON the glass and not underneath the glass? Restoring the work would need more than replacing the broken glass? Thank you for clarification.   
A: Hi, the gold leaf is on the glass pane, you couldn't restore this work without removing and repainting the entire pane, which would probably less desirable than just living with the crack. Its still a Hotere after all. Thanks
Q: Its an absolute tragedy such a wonderful wonderful piece of art has essentially been destroyed. Very sad.
A: Its sad that its been damaged, but the essence of the work is still there and in the long run I guess it will just be part of this works story.
Q:  Is the glass cracked or the painting itself? Is it repairable? How much for shipping to Clyde?
A: Hi, the glass is an integral part of the work and probably can't be replaced without removing much of the original work, you'd probably be better off just to live with the crack as part of the story of this work. You will need to organise your own shipping with this one due to it's extremely fragile nature. I recommend you call around some of the specialist fragile freight providers like pack and send. Thanks

Q: Is the glass painted or does it cover the actual painting? Cheers
A: The glass itself is painted. Thanks
Q: Is the work underneath damaged or just the frame/glass? Why was it not simply repaired, it is after all a $58,000 work?
A: The glass surface is an integral part of the work. Repairing it would remove a large part of the original and you're probably better off just living with the crack. Thanks
Q: is the glass the only damage?
A: Hi, the glass is the only damage but is an integral part of the work, the gold is directly painted onto it. Thanks

Q: "Lo Negro Sobre Lo Oro" doesn't mean "What about the black gold". It's closer to "the black on top of gold" but it's hard to say because it doesn't actually make sense as written.
A: Hi, it seems to be the translation most frequently mentioned on the internet, see:

Q: the buyer must have been guttered, was it Insured?
A: Yes, it's an insurance claim. Thanks

Q: If I were to win the auction, would it be possible to ship it to Auckland without it suffering further damage? Generally you would tape the glass, but this would destroy the paint, so just wondering how confident you'd be in shipping it as it is.
A: Hi, you will need organise your own fragile freight provider for this one sorry.

Q: If Hotere had broken the glass it would be art..thats modern art for u...
A: It's still a Hotere after all, and he's not making them any more.

Q: As I've seen this work in Port Chalmers, it is brilliant. It would be nice if a museum bought it and displayed it as is.
A: I'm sure it will go to a great home where it will be appreciated.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Roundel quiz answers

Top to bottom left to right: Belgium, Greece, Spain, Egypt, India, Paraguay, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovinia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Afghan, England, Finland and Iran