Monday, September 29, 2008

I knew that.

Answers to First words on OTN

1. Sage Tea, Toss Woollaston
2. Cultural Safety: Contemporary Art in New Zealand, Greg Burke
3. Putting the Land on the Map, Wystan Curnow
4. The Resurrection of Philip Clairmont, Martin Edmond
5. Contemporary New Zealand Painters: Volume 1, Jim and Mary Barr
6. New Art, ed Jim Allen and Wystan Curnow
7. New Zealand Painting: An Introduction, Gordon Brown and Hamish Keith
8. Rita Angus: An Artist’s Life, Jill Trevelyan
9. A Concise History of New Zealand Painting, Michael Dunn
10. Frames on the Land: Early Landscape Painting in New Zealand, Francis Pound
11. The World Over, Wystan Curnow
12. Two Hundred Years of New Zealand Painting, Gil Docking

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't ask

Paris Hilton trying to get out of a sports car.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Galleries for Wellington

City Gallery Press release 15 September 2008


We are delighted to announce that City Gallery Wellington is entering a crucial period of growth and change, embarking on a $4million development initiative. The Gallery closes for development construction, as well as seismic strengthening of the existing building, on 19 October 2008 at the conclusion of the Fiona Hall: Force Field exhibition.

The development project, designed by award-winning architect Stuart Gardyne of Architecture+, will involve a new two storey addition as well as seismic strengthening of the existing building.

The new wing includes the multi-purpose Adam Auditorium with the new Russell Hancock Gallery replacing the existing cinema on the ground floor. Walk-through pedestrian access provides a link from Harris Street to Civic Square.

Upstairs there will be two new gallery project spaces, the Michael Hirschfeld Gallery dedicated to the work of Wellington artists and the Roderick and Gillian Deane Gallery dedicated to the work of Maori and Pacific Island artists as well as a reading room/AV space.

The enlarged, new-look City Gallery Wellington is scheduled to re-open in early September, 2009. Follow the progress and keep up to date at

Images (from top to bottom): an external view from above of City Gallery Wellington's new tower; the second image is a cross section of the building showing the new Adam Auditorium and the West Gallery on the ground floor, and on the first floor the new Roderick and Gillian Deane Gallery of Maori and Pacific art, the new reading room/AV space and the existing South Gallery; the third image shows the Roderick and Gillian Deane Gallery of Maori and Pacific art on the first floor featuring a virtual exhibition of works by Darryn George; the bottom image shows the Russell Hancock Gallery. All images are architect's impressions generated by Architecture+.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Letter litter

Letters to the Sunday Star Times re the Goncharova article and post

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Kim Knight in the Sunday Star Times 31 August in response to the OTN story The 12.8 million dollar question. See also Sellers Market follow up. Click to enlarge.