Thursday, July 17, 2014


Who made an art work that is -
“Monumental and extremely important” L Budd
“Highly revered” Colin McCahon
“Irritating, strange yet very familiar” Peter Stichbury
“Profoundly important” Bill Hammond
“A subtle political statement that urges its audience to look past the smooth veneers of the modern world” L Budd
“Approachable yet cryptic” Seraphine Pick
“An intense cocktail of vivid colours” Jeffrey Harris
“About the communicative potential of the creative act” Ralph Hotere

Whose painting has
“An idyllic eloquent tranquility” Don Binney
“A strong sense of the transcendent” Colin McCahon
“A fresh and improvisational feeling” Colin McCahon
“A newfound understanding of the gravity and implications of the human gesture” Colin McCahon
“An eerie yet beguiling quality” Grahame Sydney

Who created -
“A career defining masterpiece” Dick Frizzell
“A deeply enigmatic work” Michael Parekowhai

Who has -
“A profound but highly personal perspective” Pat Hanly
“Inherent spirituality” Ralph Hotere

Who is -
 “One of New Zealand’s most voracious appropriators” Dick Frizzell
“Inviting the viewer to gaze upon he fa├žade of a world driven by industrial production” Don Driver
“Creating imagery in which slight of hand is incorporated into the artistic process” Shane Cotton