Monday, November 30, 2015

Te Papa art purchases 2014-15

Contemporary Art
Can do academy #3 Fiona Connor, 2014
Untitled (We will no longer be seen and not heard) Barbara Kruger, 1985, 

Modern and Contemporary Māori and Indigenous Art
The Making of Basquiat 2013 Jacqueline Fraser, 2013
An Art Political Statement Ralph Hotere,1989
The Making of Legally Blonde Jacqueline Fraser, 2011
Hei Tupa, Hei Matau and Mau Kaki Areta Wilkinson, 2013

Modern Art
Armoured Head Don Driver, 1966,
Drawings and works on paper John Drawbridge, 1947 and 1950s
Pacific Lagoon John Drawbridge, 1962
Model for the Beehive mural John Drawbridge, 1972
Portrait of Ivan Wells M. T. Woollaston, c.1937
200 works on paper by M. T. Woollaston, 1930-1995,
Nuns floating over a dream landscape Felix Kelly, 1958
The Kiln Felix Kelly, 1950
Transition No. 8 (Creation Cycle) Edward Bullmore, 1961
Eight works Jan Nigro, 1968-1973
Yellow Yantra (Jetsun) Sing Tai Wong, 1970

Modern and Contemporary Photography
Photographs (4) Glenn Jowitt, 1982, 2003, 2008 & 2012,
Photographs (7) Joyce Campbell, 2006-10
Photographs of WWI soldier memorials Laurence Aberhart, 1986, 2010, 2012 and 2013
Photographs (10) by Peter Peryer, 1998-2013
Photographs (2) by Andrew Beck, 2014
Photographs (43) by Ans Westra, 1960s-1980s,
Lisa Ans Westra, c. 1976
Beauty 1 (wine)  and Beauty 1 (cream) Tracey Moffatt, 1994
Up in the Sky #14 - #25 Tracey Moffatt, 1997
Up in the Sky #1 - #13 Tracey Moffatt, 1997

Sunday, September 20, 2015

ILAM list

Mark Adams
Rita Angus
Dan Arps
Hannah Beehre
Philippa Blair
Joanna Braithwaite
Mark Braunias
Cornelius (Kees) Bruin
Barry Cleavin
Eddie Clemens
John Coley
David Cook
Shane Cotton
Bill Culbert
Paul Cullen
Bing Dawe
Neil Dawson
Austen Deans
Tony Fomison
Dick Frizzell
Matthew Galloway
Chloe Geoghegan
Darryn George
Jason Greig
Pat Hanly
Emily Hartley-Skudder
David Hatcher
Chris Heaphy
André Hemer
Robert Hood
Ronnie van Hout
John Hurrell
Paul Johns
Hamish Keith
Tom Kreisler
Joanna Langford
Tony de Lautour
Maddie Leach
Saskia Leek
Marie Le Lievre
David Low
Quentin MacFarlane
Raymond McIntyre
Euan McLeod
Allen Maddox
Jonathan Mane-Wheoki
Ngaio Marsh
Trevor Moffit
Julia Morison
Simon Morris
Miranda Parkes
Anton Parsons
Juliet Peter
Séraphine Pick
Nathan Pohio
David Rittey
Peter Robinson
Emily Hartley-Skudder
Jim Speers
Olivia Spencer Bower
Margaret Stoddart
Heather Straka
Ella Sutherland
Bill Sutton
Zina Swanson
Carl Sydow
Sydney L Thompson
Peter Trevelyan
Philip Trusttum
Francis Upritchard
Terry Urbahn
Tjalling de Vries
Vincent Ward
Jason Ware
Ruth Watson
Toss Woollaston
Jane Zusters

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Percentage of women represented in selected New Zealand dealer galleries

Anna Miles Gallery 69%
Bartley + Company Art 54%
Melanie Rogers Gallery 50%

Trish Clark Gallery 48%
Bowen Galleries 46%
Jonathan Smart Gallery 46%
Two Rooms 45%
Page Blackie Gallery 39%
Suite 39%
Michael Lett 37%
Ivan Anthony 36%
Hopkinson Mossman 35%

Brett McDowell Gallery 28%
Starkwhite 27%
Hamish McKay26%
Gow Langsford 21%
Peter McLeavey Gallery 19%
Robert Heald Gallery 15%
Paul Nache 10%

Monday, April 13, 2015

Te Papa to axe its publishing arm

I wanted to let you know about a ‘change proposal’ that was announced to Te Papa staff on Thursday 9 April.

The proposal is to suspend all print publication within Te Papa Press for the next 4-5 years.
It includes disestablishing 4 positions at Te Papa Press: those of Claire Murdoch, Odessa Owens, Harriet Elworthy and Hannah Newport-Watson, ie every person who currently works primarily with print publications.

The reason for this ‘change proposal’ is that Te Papa is redirecting investment towards ‘core museum work’.

The proposal seems extraordinarily ill-conceived. If the objective is purely to save funds, the Te Papa Press budget is negligible in the wider context of the Te Papa budget.
And the dismantling of Te Papa Press would mean such a loss to the museum - in terms of outreach, nationally and internationally; credibility as a research institution; and brand excellence. Te Papa Press is widely perceived as one of the success stories of the Te Papa project, and its highly effective staff have an enviable reputation in the museum and publishing world. If they go, print publishing at the museum will never recover.

I can only surmise that Rick Ellis does not understand the work of Te Papa Press, and is receiving very poor advice from senior staff.

It alarms me that this proposal is being rushed through with great speed and secrecy: Te Papa is calling for internal submissions by 16 April. Staff have obviously been discouraged from discussing it with anyone outside the organisation.

Moreover, there is no evidence that the museum is seeking feedback from external stakeholders.

Given this tight time frame, I think the best option is to contact Rick Ellis directly ( to express dismay at the change proposal, and the secrecy with which it is being conducted.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who may be interested.

Best wishes

Jill Trevelyan

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Judy Millar
“a rainbowlike hippie sweetness”

Andrew Drummond
“serious and urgent themes”

John Nixon
“muscularly textured but nuanced sheen”

Richard Killeen
“pleasurable little columns”

Daniel Malone
“a tortured ambivalence”

Joyce Campbell
“ubiquitous rawness“

Seung Yul Oh
“an airy celebration of natural light”

Jeena Shin
“cavernous space and descending fluttering leaves or birds”

James Cousins
“an unnerving quality about their more optically ‘stable’ peek-a-boo laminations”

Patrick Lundberg
“repeated configurations, total gestalt, contrasting alignments, and patterns in linear or spatial configurations”

Selina Foote
“unpredictable topographical clusters of linked up lines”

Jim Allen
“barely restrained anger and vibrant immediacy”

Stephen Bambury
“sumptuous richness” and “velvety colour”

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Galleries represented

Anna Miles Gallery
Bartley + Company Art
Brett McDowell Gallery
Jensen Gallery
Gow Langsford Gallery
Hamish McKay Gallery
Hopkinson Mossman
Ivan Anthony Gallery
Jonathan Smart Galleries
Melanie Roger Gallery
Page Blackie Gallery
Paul Nache
Peter McLeavey Gallery
Robert Heald
Two Rooms

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Peter Robinson 1993-2014











Monday, January 12, 2015

Up and running 2015

Trish Clark 3 Jan
Artis 3 Jan
Starkwhite 13 Jan
Michael Lett 28 Jan
Hopkinson Mossman 29 Jan
Two Rooms 29 Jan
Anna Miles 28 Feb

Suite Gallery 3 Jan
Page Blackie 6 Jan
Bowen Galleries 12 Jan
Hamish McKay  16 Jan
Robert Heald 28 Jan
30 Upstairs 4 Feb
The Young Feb 13

Rest of world:
Paul Nache 2 Jan
Jonathan Smart 4 Feb

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Ronnie van Hout's marquette for Fallen Robot at the Dowse Art Museum