Monday, September 29, 2008

I knew that.

Answers to First words on OTN

1. Sage Tea, Toss Woollaston
2. Cultural Safety: Contemporary Art in New Zealand, Greg Burke
3. Putting the Land on the Map, Wystan Curnow
4. The Resurrection of Philip Clairmont, Martin Edmond
5. Contemporary New Zealand Painters: Volume 1, Jim and Mary Barr
6. New Art, ed Jim Allen and Wystan Curnow
7. New Zealand Painting: An Introduction, Gordon Brown and Hamish Keith
8. Rita Angus: An Artist’s Life, Jill Trevelyan
9. A Concise History of New Zealand Painting, Michael Dunn
10. Frames on the Land: Early Landscape Painting in New Zealand, Francis Pound
11. The World Over, Wystan Curnow
12. Two Hundred Years of New Zealand Painting, Gil Docking

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