Thursday, April 9, 2009


Thank you for your response.

We are happy to provide the requested information, however, in some instances the information is either not available (i.e. matters are at the planning stage only, and in some cases, subject to contractual negotiations) or matters are not yet confirmed. I have indicated below, in response to your specific questions, when we expect to be able to provide the information you are seeking:

1. Is Bic Runga going to Venice to support the art shows?
The events to be held in association with the exhibition are still being planned. No final decisions or commitments have been made as yet. We expect to make public announcements about the events/programme from mid- to late April 2009.
2. Are Moana and the Moa Hunters going to Venice?
As for response to (1) above.
3. What is the "reading room" all about? what sort of furniture is being displayed? and how was it transported to Venice?
As for response to (1) above.
4. Where the opening will be held i.e. Francis's venue or Judy's or both?
5. What sort of events will be held alongside the Venice exhibitions?
As for response to (1) above.
6. How many CNZ staff and associates will be travelling to Venice including Board members?
We will provide this information when the Creative New Zealand delegation has been confirmed, which we expect to be after the Arts Council meeting to be held in the week following Easter. At this stage, final decisions on attendance have not been made.
7. How is the private fund raising going?
8. We would also like to get a copy of the CNZ Budget for Venice, is that possible?
We will provide budget information after the Arts Council meeting to be held in the week following Easter.

If you would like a more formal response (in terms of the Official Information Act), we would be happy to discuss this with you or provide it, but hopefully this is helpful as an interim response. You can also raise this matter with the Ombudsman if you are not satisfied.

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