Monday, September 27, 2010

Comment on roundabout exhibition

Mike Weston has asked for his comments on collectors and the roundabout exhibition to be removed. 3 October 2010


Ed Cruikshank said...

Dear Mike,

Ignoring the private/public debate if I may, I have to say that I am disturbed by your final comment about the race or social status currently required to make it onto the walls of the City Gallery.

If you can bear to enter the temple, I hope you get the chance to take a closer look at the work itself and also get to meet David Teplitzky and Peggy Scott in person.

Ed Cruikshank

Mike Weston said...

Thanks Ed,
I've suggested there's a "strong and positive correlation".
The inclusion of that question distracted you from the bigger picture. I'm asking if its part of the bigger picture, and I think the "heal the world" sentiment says it is, as does the lineup of NZ artists.
Having followed a career path from dealing tribal artifacts, to contemporary art, and now being an artist with a strong connection to local and pacific indigenous culture I am genuinely interested in all the work in that show and will be returning to Wellington for a detailed look in late October and would gladly
share some time with them. I'm sure they're amazing people.


Mike Weston said...

My feeling is that as collectors,
by approaching the displaying of their collection as a personal creative expression, they have stepped into an area where their actions can be critiqued as art.
I see you have a commissioned work in the show, a Roundtable inscribed in Braille with Martin Luther Kings quote, so your work makes a direct contribution to that
agenda and is complicit in it.

What's the show really about?
They talk about the spiritual significance of choosing the number 108, so I went looking and found this interesting and amusing

To further illuminate the bigger picture , heres An article about a show previously assembled from their collection (11 years ago) in denver

Of particular relevance to the brand building exercise I identified...
"In 1997 they opened the Round World gallery in Denver.."

About the collections business interest
( a sculpture).. "produced by Scott and Teplitzky, who are art publishers as well as collectors and dealers...They're patrons, too, ...."

The google tag on another article about the Roundworld gallery opening puts it nicely "Today there are signs that art means business again in Denver

The spirit of the deal with WCG is expressed on the Roundabout website as follows.
"The City Gallery’s reputation as an internationally acclaimed venue has been affirmed by the presentation of some of the world’s leading practitioners including......"
I equate "reputation affirming" as the consolidation of status wealth.