Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Te Papa art purchases 2010-2011

ART Paintings – New Zealand
Maoris on a Riverbank by Frank Wright, oil painting, 305 x 495 mm (h x w, sight), not dated, gift of Marlene and Renée Colclough in memory of Irene Colclough
Ngā Toenga (daughter of Barrier Island Chief) by George F. Angas, watercolour on paper, 840 x 615 mm (h x w), 1844, purchase
Souvenir of the Boer War by M. Airey, oil on canvas, 820 x 1090 mm (h x w), c1902, purchase
Te Pehi Kupe, Warrior of the Ngati Toa Tribe by Sam Stuart, oil on canvas, 370 x 290 mm (h x w), 1906, purchase
Edith by Toss Woollaston, oil on cardboard, 480 x 430 mm (h x w, support), 1948, purchase
Les deux amies (The two friends) by Louise Henderson, oil on canvas, 740 x 560 mm (h x w), 1953, purchase
Untitled (kowhaiwhai painting) by Theo Schoon, tempera on cardboard, 1155 x 850 mm (h x l), c1957, purchase
Painting red by Milan Mrkusich, oil on canvas, 762 x 762 mm (h x w),1968, purchase
Pocket full of rainbows by Seraphine Pick, oil on canvas, 2000 x 1650 mm (h x w, support), 2010, purchase
Paintings – International
Poedua (Poetua), daughter of Oreo, chief of Ulaietea, one of the Society Isles by John Webber, oil on canvas, 1445 x 925 mm (support h x w), 1785, purchase
A moko takahe by J.G. Keulemans, oil on canvas, 863 x 1118 mm (h x w), 1902, purchase
Works on Paper – New Zealand
Works on paper (5) by Toss Woollaston, various measurements, 1938–85, purchase
Sublunary wardrobe (3 works from), by Joanna Paul, chalk pastel on paper, 370 mm (support diameter), 2002, gift of the Friends of Te Papa
Aquarium (with sunglasses) and Aquarium (with bottles) by Nick Austin, acrylic paint on newspaper, 575 x 785 mm (h x w, each), 2009 and 2011, purchase
Works on Paper – International
An allegory of visual perception by Jan Saenredam, engraving, 241 x 181 mm (h x w), 1616, purchase
Banks Florilegium Parts XX to Part XXVII (complete set of New Zealand plants, 184 engraved plates) by Sydney Parkinson/Alecto Historical Editions Limited, measurements not available, 1769- 70/1980-89, purchased with the assistance of the Friends of Te Papa
Fête à Ferrières no.2 by Anthony Gross, etching, 198 x 298 mm (image h x w), 1954, purchase
Sculptures and Decorative Forms
Necklace by Colin McCahon, woven threads and cut tin painted in enamel colours, measurements not available, 1949-53, purchase
Untitled by Gordon McAuslan, wood sculpture, 345 mm (height), c1950, purchase
Ceramic works (8) by Len Castle, various measurements and dates, purchase
Tribute to Hone Tuwhare by Jim Allen, installation, 2000 x 2000 x 2000 mm (h x w x d, overall), 1969/2010, purchase
Small Worlds by Jim Allen, installation, 2000 x 2000 x 4000 mm (h x w x d, overall), 1969/2010, purchase
Modern arrangements by L Budd (et al.), installation, various measurements, 1990, purchased from the Molly Morpeth Canaday Fund
Rings (5) by Karl Fritsch, gold, silver, granite, iron, diamond and brass, various measurements and dates, purchase
Steinhaufenring by Karl Fritsch, silver and coloured glass ring, 80 x 55 x 55 mm (h x w x d), 2006, purchase
My name in lights by Daniel Malone, neon light installation, 1140 x 2950 x 50 mm, 2006, purchase
Six silver bullets (one missing) II by Peter McKay, sterling silver brooch, 2007, purchase
New Twists (5 works from) by Pauline Rhodes, aluminium, wool and silk sculpture (1) and photographs (4), various measurements, 2008, purchase
Pendant, by Lisa Walker, measurements not available, 2009, purchase
Necklace and What Karl didn't take with him by Lisa Walker, mixed media necklaces, measurement not available and 400 mm (l), 2009-10, purchase
Handy Andy with red by Bill Culbert, light sculpture/assemblage, 310 x 600 x 90 mm (h x w x d), 2010, purchase
Photographs – New Zealand
Whole-plate negatives (11) depicting prominent nineteenth century chiefs, by various photographer, black and white gelatin negatives and gelatin glass negatives, various measurements and dates, gift of Roger Andrews
Bowen Fall - Milford Sound by Burton Brothers, albumen print, 213 x 287 mm (h x w), 1889; purchase
Māori-themed postcards (6) by various photographers and printers, gelatin silver photographs/postcards, various measurements, c1900, purchase
Black and white stereoscopic photographs and two leather bound photograph albums, various measurements and various dates, purchase
Lake Mapourika and Buddha image, National Museum Bangkok, Thailand by Brian Brake, gelatin silver print and type C print, 350 x 455 mm and 455 x 350 mm (h x w), 1951 and 1970, purchase
Black & white photographs (25) by Terry O’Connor, gelatin silver prints, various measurements and dates, purchase
Brian Brake film items and prints, various materials, measurements and dates, gift of Wai Man Raymond Lau
Cosmo flying disc I-IV by Darren Glass, toned gelatin silver print on printing-out paper, 252 x 203 mm (h x w, each), 1999-2009, purchase
Hangi rock, no 1-3 by Ross T. Smith, pinhole gelatin silver photographs, 122 x 97 mm (h x w, each), 2005, purchase
Ruby's room, portfolio of 30 inkjet colour photographs by Anne Noble, various measurements, 2010, purchase
Contemporary Māori
Digital Marae by Lisa Reihana, type C prints (6), 2000 mm x 1200 m (h x w, approximate, each), 2007, purchaseDigital Marae by Lisa Reihana, digital videos (2), 2001 and 2008, gift of the artist
Groundswell by Lisa Reihana, eight monitor video installation, 2005, purchase
Te Pūtahitanga ō Rehua by Reuben Paterson, animated video, 2005, gift of the artist
Shark, Angel, Bird, Ladder, by John Pule, oil paint, enamel, ink & polyurethane on canvas, 2000 x 4000 mm (h x w), 2008, purchase
Five works from the Waka Huia exhibition by Areta Wilkinson, jewellery made with sterling sliver, gold, wood and muka (flax fibre), various measurements, 2008, purchase
Ruatepupuke and Hei Tiki Tipuna Wahine, by Stacy Gordine, hei tiki, measurements not available, 2009, purchase
Whakapapa Get Down on Your Knees (2), by Reuben Paterson, glitter and synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 4000 x 4000 mm (h x w), 2009, purchase
Back Bone by Shane Cotton, oil on canvas, 1400 x 1400 mm (h x w), 2010, purchase
Contemporary Art – International
Nauru, Notes from a Cretaceous World by Nicholas Mangan, mixed media installation including digital video, coral coffee table, collage and a modified cartoon, various measurements, 2009-10
Pacific Sediment part of Nauru, Notes from a Cretaceous World by Nicholas Mangan, found material in custom-built vitrine, 900 x 1380 x 740 mm (h x w x d), 2009-10, gift of the artist
The Field (Part II) by Gavin Hipkins, digital video, 2003-04, gift of the artist

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