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Te Papa art aquistitions 2011-2012

Historical and Modern International Art
Eleanor Porter, the artist's wife, by Frederick J. Porter, circa 1930, oil on canvas, 670 x 570 mm (h x w, with frame), purchase
Sketchbooks (3) by Frederick J. Porter, 1930s, pencil, pen, ink, wash and watercolour, 410 x 530 mm (h x w) (2) and 260 x 350 mm (h x w), 1930s, gift of Philip Bradshaw
Camera obscura drawings (4) by an unknown artist, 1830s, pencil on paper using a camera obscura, various measurements, gift of Simon Knight

Ditlev Gothard Monrad by Pietro Krohn, 1865, pencil and gray wash on thick wove paper, 203 x 182 mm (h x w), purchased with John Ilott Charitable Trust funds
Historical and Modern New Zealand Art
Portrait of Lawrence Baigent by Leo Bensemann, 1938, oil on canvas, 493 x 422 mm (h x w), purchase
Landscape by Graham Percy, circa 1959, oil on hardboard, 900 x 580 mm (h x w), purchase
Landscape theme and variations: series B by Colin McCahon, 1963, oil on canvas, 1765 x 7725 mm overall (h x l), gift of the Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa
Koru, 1, 2, 3 by Colin McCahon, 1965, polyvinyl acetate on hardboard, 1218 x 2775 mm (h x w overall), purchase
Mr and Mrs L.F.M. by Toss Woollaston, 1969-70, oil on hardboard, 903 x 1208 mm (h x l), gift of Peter and Hilary McLeavey
Contemporary New Zealand Art
Angus, 2011, oil on canvas; Collins, 2011, oil on canvas; Cook, 2011, oil on silk, by Selina Foote, various measurements, purchase
Gesamtkunsthandwerk by Karl Fritsch, Martino Gamper and Francis Upritchard, 2011, an installation including an inlaid table, three chairs, a wooden stool, shelf, candlestick holder, cast bronze sculpture, wooden bowl, and ceramic vessel, various measurements, purchase

Bowls (4) and tumblers (3), part of Gesamtkunsthandwerk by Nicholas Brandon, Martino Gamper, Francis Upritchard, 2011, glazed ceramics, gift of Martino Gamper, Francis Upritchard and Hamish McKay
Wurst, from Gesamtkunsthandwerk by Karl Fritsch, 2011, ceramic, gift of Karl Fritsch, Martino Gamper and Francis Upritchard
The artist's father, 1987, etching and aquatint; Folly and error, avarice and vice, 1987, etching and aquatint; Seven years of labour for the instruments of time, 2003, monoprint; Gideon, 2003, monoprint; The Phaedra chain III, 2010, monoprint; Like the back of my hand, 2010, monoprint, by Jason Greig, various measurements, purchase
Robert Louis Stevenson's 'The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' by Jason Greig and The Gumtree Press 2010, illustrated book, purchase
Water pillow by Jim Allen, 1969/2010, mixed media installation of plastic, water, flax fibre, plexiglass, black light and wood, 1100 x 1100 x 250 mm (h x w x d overall), gift of the artist and Michael Lett
Space plane, environment no. 1 by Jim Allen, 1969/2010, mixed media installation of transparent plastic, nylon, metal balls and a fluorescent light, 2345 x 4000 x 2000 mm (h x w x d), purchase
Kavaka by John Pule, 1996, oil on canvas, 2,320 x 1,820 mm (h x w), purchase
rws by Campbell Patterson, 2011, sultana bran pieces on towel, 900 x 1170 mm (h x w), purchase

Taualuga: The Last Dance by Shigeyuki Kihara, single channel video work, 2006, gift of the artist
Contemporary Māori Art
He Korero Purakau mo Te Awanui o Te Motu: story of a New Zealand River by Michael Parekowhai, 2011, wood, brass, automotive paint, mother of pearl, paua, upholstery, 1670 x 2130 mm (h x w), purchase
Contemporary International Art
Estampas, Independencia y Revolución by various artists, 2010, portfolio of 50 limited edition prints and an editioned bronze sculpture, various measurements, diplomatic gift of the Federal Government of Mexico

Decorative Arts and Design
Jewellery (7 pieces) by Peter McKay, Square Brooch (after John Panting), 1976-77; Wave form, 1986; Bone brooch, 1986; The stone was rolled away II, 1991, New Tomb, 1992; Liberty Equality Fraternity, 1992; Incident on the high road I, 1995, various materials including sterling silver, copper and stainless steel wire, various measurements, purchase   
Frangipani Breastplate by Alan Preston, 1994, neckpiece of black lipped oyster shell, hibiscus fibre and sterling silver wire, measurements not available, purchase   
Circle Necklace by Warwick Freeman, 1995, pearl shell discs and gold beads threaded with black cord, 320 x 185 x 5 mm (h x w x d), gift of Helene Quilter 
Jewellery (necklace, bangle, ring, cuff and 3 brooches) by Joanna Campbell, 2003-12, various materials including gold plated sterling silver, beading thread, oxidised sterling silver, lace, gold metallic lace, various measurements, purchase
My Creatures by Bronwynne Cornish, 2007, earthenware installation hand-built with slips and stains, various measurements, purchase

Road Works necklaces (3) by Alan Preston, 2011, greywacke, paint and mixed cord, 52 mm (h), 2007, purchase
Clematis 3d by Pauline Bern, 2009, brooch
made from sterling silver, gold, industrial plastic and postage stamp paper, 70 x 60 x 8 mm (h x w x d), purchase
Metaphysical Heart by Peter McKay, 2010, sterling silver and gold brooch, 50 x 48 x 5 mm (h x w x d), purchase
Blanket Protection 1 by Victoria McIntosh, 2010, neckpiece constructed from woollen blanket, silver, pearls and thread, 230 x 220 x 70 mm (h x w x d), purchase
Winged vases (3) by Richard Parker, 2011, ceramic with black and cream glazes, various measurements, purchase
ice industry (neckpiece) and ice plane (brooch) by Kirsten Haydon, 2011, silver with enamel, photo transfer, copper, paint, reflector beads and steel, 250 x 140 x 15 mm and 80 x 80 x 10 mm (h x w x d), purchase
Rosa Myostidium and Nikau Flower, by Pauline Bern, 2011, brooches made from 9ct gold, nikau nut, shellac ink, rosewood, metal and sterling silver, 30 x 10 x 130 mm (h x w x l) and 22 x 22 x 73 (h x w x d) mm, purchase
Abstract R.E.G.A.R.D. Pendant by Octavia Cook, 2012, acrylic, epoxy resin, oxidised sterling silver, cubic zirconia and cord, 53 x 67 mm (h x l), purchase
Lidded tureen with ladle, circa 1880, manufacturer Hunkin and Heath, designer Christopher Dresser, electroplated silver and ebony, 155 x 205 x 145 mm, purchase
 Toast rack, 1879-1885, manufacturer James Dixon & Sons, designer Christopher Dresser, electroplated silver, 140 x 135 x 110 mm (h x w x d), purchase
Handkerchief by Snake Studios, 1974, ink on cotton, 350 x 352 mm (h x w), purchase

Photographs – New Zealand

Cartes de visite and cabinet prints of Māori (4) and Pākehā militia (1) by various and unknown makers, 1860s-1910s, albumen and gelatin silver prints, various measurements, purchase
Carte de visite and cabinet print depicting Māori sitters and postcard showing Pākehā dressed as Māori by various and unknown makers, 1870s‑1900s, various measurements, purchase

Photographs (11) by various and unknown pictorialists and photography studios, 1916-50s, silver gelatin prints and hand coloured silver gelatin prints, various measurements, purchase

Photograph of Mayme Chanwai by Crown Studios (attributed), early 1950s, silver gelatin print, 350 x 288 x 5 mm (h x w x d), gift of Mayme Chanwai

Photographs (negatives, transparencies and prints) from Big smoke, Tivaevae, Craft New Zealand, and Bone, stone, shell by John Daley, 1960s-90s, various measurements, gift of John Daley

Photographs – International

Photograph album with images of New Zealand, Tahiti and Samoa by Burton Brothers and unknown makers, 1885-1900, album with albumen and gelatin silver prints, 243 x 305 x 65 mm (h x w x l), gift of Steve Karaitiana
Black & white photographs (ex Michael Seresin collection) by various makers, 1912-37, silver gelatin prints, various measurements, purchase
Colour photographs of Pacific peoples (20) by Glenn Jowitt, 1981-2001, inkjet prints, 305 x 407 mm (h x w), purchase
Colour photographs of Pacific peoples (5) by Glenn Jowitt, 1981-2001, inkjet prints, 305 x 407 mm (h x w), gift of the photographer
Photographs (4) from the 'Stopover' series on Fiji-Indian sugar cane workers by Bruce Connew, 2001-3, gelatin silver prints, 237 x 350 mm (h x w), purchase

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