Thursday, May 17, 2012

Organisational Review

Outcomes for Auckland Art Gallery

As you will be aware, over the past five weeks a consultation process has been underway with senior Gallery management regarding the proposed management restructure. After considering all the written and verbal feedback from the affected managers, the new management structure has now been finalised. As in any genuine consultative process, the proposed changes have gone through numerous iterations and I am confident that the final outcome positions the Gallery well going forward.
Key Changes
The key elements of the management restructure are outlined below:
•                  There will be minor changes to the responsibilities of the Director – Auckland Art Gallery, whose role will have a stronger focus on developing the artistic programme whilst retaining overall line management responsibility for the Gallery’s operations.
•                  A new position of Deputy Director will be established, with defined delegated responsibility for management of Gallery operations.
•                  A new title of Head of Collection Services will be the only change to the former Operations team. The Head of Collection Services will report to the Deputy Director.
•                  The new positions of Head of Visitor Services and Head of Learning and Gallery Services will be established, both reporting to the Deputy Director.
•                  The Visitor Services team will comprise the gallery guide and retail functions.  
•                  The Learning and Gallery Services team will comprise the learning programmes and security
and building management functions.
•                  The curatorial services team will be headed by the new position of Principal Curator, reporting to the Director. The Principal Curator position has been established by restructuring the vacant curatorial programmes manager role.
•                  A new position of Manager, Special Exhibitions will be established, reporting to the Director.
•                  Marketing and communications and administration staff will report to the Deputy Director.
•                  Due to the above changes, the positions of Head of Programmes, Head of Development, Head of 
Services, and Curatorial Programmes Manager will be disestablished.

Filling of New Positions
External advertising for the new positions of Deputy Director and Principal Curator will commence as soon as possible. The positions of Head of Visitor Services, Head of Learning and Gallery Services, and Manager, Special Exhibitions will be filled by redeployment of managers whose positions have been disestablished as a result of the restructure.

Organisational Charts
The new organisational charts will be made available for all Gallery staff by the end of this week.

Other Changes Resulting from the Organisational Review
As I have previously outlined, the following changes will also be implemented at the Gallery:
•                  Marketing resources will, on occasions as necessary, be centrally coordinated across the RFA group of business units to assist the Gallery to promote exhibitions, events, etc. A draft protocol has been developed to guide the coordination process.
•                  Functions and events will be managed by Auckland Conventions across the RFA group and will assist the Gallery to increase utilisation of functions space and commercial returns.
•                  The Centre for Performing Arts will extend its public performing arts programme to the Gallery to assist in increasing visitation and enhancing the customer experience.

Moving Forward
The Gallery will spend the upcoming period progressively transitioning to the new arrangements outlined above. During this stage of the transition, business will continue as usual. Staff will be advised of implementation timelines and dates as soon as practicable.
I am confident that the changes we will be making will place Auckland Art Gallery on a stronger artistic, managerial and financial footing, not only to best meet the challenges that lay ahead, but also to maximise the opportunities that arise.

Robert Domm Chief Executive Officer

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