Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wish list

• The principle that the arts and culture occupy a ‘critic and conscience’ role in relation to society. To combine the ideology of the arts in with the motives of “entertainment” would seriously distort and limit the scope and freedom of voices that need to be heard in the arts.

• A clear demarcation between the expertise of commercial (RFA) and fine-arts (AAG) interests and responsibilities.

• Protection and separation from the event-centre imperatives that the gallery is currently being obliged to fulfill.

• Independence and freedom for the gallery director and staff to envision, curate and manage exhibitions to the best of their professional abilities. The director must have overall authority and responsibility for management of resources, cultural and financial. This equates with proven international best-practice for art museums.

• Confidence in the gallery directorate to develop strong visionary leadership that reflects local and international contemporary art-culture.

• The appointment of one or more experienced art advisors to the RFA whose expert knowledge and advise would support and assist the management goals of AAG and the governance requirements of Council.

• The Art Gallery to inform and inspire the community with regular programming of culturally adventurous and risk-taking exhibitions alongside the proven and sure. Such exhibitions enhance visitor experiences, contribute to growth in audience numbers, achieve cultural goals of excellence and build the professional status of the institution for the benefit of all.

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